Best friend or something more?

Did you ever realize that one special person could change your whole life? You never even realize that the same person you talked to last night , now suddenly she is a big part of your life. Now your mind and brain are racing in two completely different directions.

Your mind says “what if i lose her as a friend?”                                                               Your heart says “maybe……just maybe…..even she feels the same about me?”

p03s22rmYour friendship has been through a lot. You solved life problems for each other, the promises made about how you two will always be FRIENDS. You two were always there when one of you felt low….cheered them up with your nonsense but still meaning full talks. You sit by your phone through the stretch of an entire day just waiting for that one message just so that you can start a conversation.

And now suddenly you feel that ‘She is the one’.                                                                   You constantly feel the urge to reveal your most honest and true feelings to her…BUT the same question of losing her overpowers the urge. The amount of mental stress you deal with everyday is huge. You talk to her every single day, but you can’t talk about the one thing you want to convey the most.

Deep down inside you still think that maybe all this stress is worth her friendship. So you decide to suppress  your deepest and the true feelings because you can’t risk a more precious relation of friendship at the cost of your feelings that might be silly, childish, irrelevant, petty and you fear that she might not understand them.

You see her smiling face and the thoughts of how you didnt express your feelings…..somewhere in your head you still think… ” Did I do the right thing 

Did you ever realize that a single person can change yoour entire life?


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